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Sometime This Weekend

Jesus answered, “It is written: 

‘Worship the Lord your God.'”

— Luke 4:8

“Hey, great seeing you! Let’s grab lunch sometime.”

Uh, yeah, lemme pull up my calendar on my phone.

Shocker: “sometime” isn’t an option my calendar gives me.

Why do we think we can give God that kind of response?

Jesus was quoting one of God’s Top Ten when he said, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God.'”

When and where will you do that this weekend?

And “sometime” is not a correct answer.

This Must Surely Mean

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.

— Philippians 1:4

Judy loves to point out that Jesus 1st, Yourself last, and Others in between makes JOY.

I have another friend who put that same thought to music.

Please don’t hate me for this, but you’re about to get a song stuck in your head.

Clear your throat and join the rest of us in singing out loud, to the tune of the chorus of Jingle Bells (we’re skipping the “Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh” part and going straight to the chorus, you know, the “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way” part) —

J – O – Y,

J – O – Y,

This must surely mean

Jesus first

Yourself last

Others in between


Good reminder. You and I could have worse messages stuck in our heads today so here we go, all together now: “J – O – Y, J – O- Y, this must surely mean….”

All Joy

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.

— Philippians 1:4


There he goes again, being all-inclusive.

ALL my prayers. Really?


ALL of you. Really?


ALWAYS. Really?


St. Paul’s not kidding: In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.

Catch that last word there? JOY?

Maybe that’s what missing in so many of our churches. And so many of our prayers. And so many of our hearts and minds and lives: JOY.

Really, Joe?


What can you do today to recapture the kind of JOY St. Paul writes about?

It’s You, It’s True

Good, you’re here again!

Yesterday I told you that I was celebrating you. Several have asked why I was celebrating them. Maybe you wondered, too.

Good question. Simple answer: you’re here.

And I’m glad. Very glad you’re here.

Or, as our old friend St. Paul wrote, I thank God for you.  (Philippians 1:3)

It’s true!

This Is a Day of New Beginnings

Good, you’re here!

You and I have no need to sing that Green Day classic, “wake me up when September ends.” We’re awake and zooming on this first day of September!

Who or what are you celebrating today? I’m starting my list with you.

Yes, you.

Thank you for your participation in my humble blog; you’re greatly appreciated here.

See you back here tomorrow. Today, remember that I’m celebrating you!



You Make My Blog Worth Writing

Will I see you in September?

You make my blog worth writing.

Together, we think here about Scripture. And about what’s going on around us and within us. About things of great substance and things that are simply goofy.

You participate, and I thank you.

This began in November of 2011. That was 1,164 of these ago. Started out as an occasional reflection that developed into three times a week that became a daily affair.

In our current month of August 2015 I’ll be using the time and energy spent writing and editing this content to explore something slightly different. This is only for a month.

During this month, I offer you three things:

1. you’ll see some previous blogs here from time to time; I hope you enjoy them

2. you’ll be able to contact me anytime, at all my usual spots, in all our usual ways; I love hearing from you and interacting with you

3. you’ll be in my prayers; please keep me in yours.

You make my blog worth writing.

The Happenings had a highly-harmonized hit in 1966. Previously recorded by The Tempos in 1959, this cover version reached #3 and is an infectious, hook-laden song. (Hit up this lilnk, and notice at about 44 seconds into it how the two members of the quartet standing to the right onscreen could pass for members of The Kennedy Clan —   —)

Their question is mine: On Tuesday, September 1st, will I see you when I resume regular blogging here? That is, Will I see you in September?

Thank you for your participation in my humble corner of the blog-osphere.

You make my blog worth writing.

It Really Is

“Yesterday’s over my shoulder,” sings Jimmy Buffett, “I can’t look backward too long.”

There’s a classic prayer attributed to Dag Hammarskjold that says, “For all that has been, thanks.”

I’ve been known to say that I’m glad that my car has a rear-view mirror.

Jimmy continues, “There’s just too much to see waiting in front of me.”

Dag continues, “For all that shall be, yes.”

I’ve been known to continue that the windshield is larger than the rear-view mirror for a good reason.

Psalm 118:24 says, This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. It really is, so let’s really!

How will you do that today?

See you back here tomorrow.


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